Retail Pop Up

Our perceptions are always distorted through lenses. This is especially true when we look at ourselves. Our lenses have many forms, both internal, external, and metaphorical. This art-piece seeks to highlight and make a sport-like game out of our perceptions of reality. The curvy mirrored objects are suspended above grassy sports astro-turf with a white sports boundary line at the edge.

Upon entry into this game, the various surfaces of the mirrored steel reflect you in different fun and exciting ways. Checking yourself out in the mirror becomes exciting! Skinny & tall, fat & short, or even zig-zag! Your progress at the gym might be disguised in the curves of this shiny new object.

We’re living in a digital interconnected age where we photograph, video, and capture every moment of our day; from what we eat for lunch, to interesting scenes, fashion, and friends. We filter and process these images through “rose-tinted glasses” before sharing further. The interior of the object is illuminated with a color changing LED ceiling. This is controlled via interactive ropes hanging on the exterior. Adding even further interest to the attraction is intermittent ambient music to be played concurrently with the light show.

This shiny, fun, interactive, colorful, illuminious object will certainly get shoppers ATTENTION.

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