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Over the years we have accumulated extensive experience in the field of workplace design. We have overseen the design, construction, & expansion of numerous facilities across mainland China. We’d like to expand upon this extensive experience to offer all of our clients a more in-depth level of consulting service.

An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it...


“Workplace Consulting” creates new strategies that make the workplace more efficient. The strategies can be aimed at a variety of company issues, such as employee relations, operating procedures, or scheduling. We help enable peak performance and reduce costs.

We are based locally in Shanghai, China and can offer first-hand evaluation of existing conditions. Through careful analysis, survey, testing, and reporting we can help upper management make more informed balanced decisions based upon our proposals & remedies. We help to identify issues and propose solutions. Furthermore we can provide ongoing monitoring and verification of proposed plans so that they are followed through.


Our “Workplace Design” strategy is rooted around business needs and functions. We listen carefully to help define the current & long term needs for your operations.  We develop detailed assessments, feasibility studies, design briefs, building programs, and ultimately interior space plans. 

Only after we gain a thorough understanding of your requirements can we design a solution best suited to you.

Vibrant + Successful

Quality workplace interior design is increasingly seen as one of the primary factors for consideration in the local labor market. This is becoming the standard across China. Companies need to compete to attract + retain talent.

Although, there are many additional factors to consider such as; office culture and business operations. The look of an office is a reflection of its core values. We help to set the stage for success. Our interior design considers both local and corporate culture, business operations, and many functions down stream. From the onset we plan and configure the office to accommodate and encourage good use and best practices. We plan vibrant and successful businesses. This is our goal.

Agile Planning

Flexibility in layout planning to allow easy reconfiguration over time. Workplaces can be expanded or reconfigured to allow the most efficient use. Teams can grow or shrink as needed for business plans.


Activity Based Workplaces are designed to accomodate their use. The environment matches the function. Operable walls, acoustic dampening, seating modularity, interactive wall surfaces, storage where needed, all accommodate the ultimate use.


We are becoming increasingly connected in a digital ecosystem. Working isolated at a workstation can be a dreary experience. Mobile working technology can allow us to unplug from our desk while becoming more connected in a more humane way.

Work can happen in many places outside of the typical workstation. A coffeeshop, cafe, teahouse, small meeting room, or even at home or on site at a client office.

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