Innovative 3D Software

We've developed customized BIM templates to aid us in the rapid development of your project. Included in our library are automatic material bills of quantities, door & window schedules, furniture lists, and many standard details. We're able to coordinate any changes, revising instantly. Our final deliverables reflect a complete and coordinate document package with less errors than a conventionally produced set.

Building Systems Integration & Conflict Detection


HVAC, Electrical, & Plumbing building systems all integrated into one coordinated 3d BIM model.


Detailed structural design, including connections & rebar.


Consulting + Training

Revit has been adopted very slowly in the China market. Through intensive training we can help you unleash the full potential of the BIM workflow. There are numerous benefits to working in a BIM software environment. It is the preferred drawing software internationally because it is fluid and time-saving. As Revit experts and avid users since 2008, we can help develop your organization’s BIM implementation plan, standard operating procedures, customized templates, libraries, and curated training content.

We have a wealth of knowledge, advice, and tips we can offer your organization & staff. We’re available on-site for individual or group training programs. Classes are separated into units with simple easy to understand topics.

It's 2020 not 1985

It's time to make the change. We're here to help.



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